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Leonard Ruiz
Leonard P. Ruiz

Leonard P. Ruiz, Ph.D., is the President of the International Medica Foundation, a non-profit foundation which has recently, successfully completed a 1,000 neonate/infant oral rotavirus vaccine clinical trial in Ghana, Africa. Dr. Ruiz has over 30 years of domestic and international experience and accomplishments in business development, technology transfer, and strategic partnering in the vaccine, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and food industries. Dr. Ruiz is very familiar with pediatric products including the pediatric vaccine market. He is currently a working group member of the U.S. Pediatric Formulations Initiative at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), National Institutes of Health (NIH). During his career Dr. Ruiz has been in leadership roles in both for-profit businesses and non-profit foundations. His previous experiences included the CEO of the vaccine company Altravax, Inc. (www.altravax.com) where he had a leadership role in establishing at the end of 2009 by licensing a portfolio of vaccine related technologies from Maxygen, Inc. As the former President of the business development fund, Global Genomics Capital, Inc. (GGC), he had a leadership role in successfully merging GGC into CytRx Corp. which had a portfolio of vaccine adjuvant products including the widely used TiterMax® line of vaccine adjuvants. Dr. Ruiz is considered an expert in passive immunity and was one of the founders of Prolacta Bioscience, Inc., (www.prolacta.com) formed to process banked human breast milk to maintain its biological activities for hospitalized premature babies. His prior responsibilities also included the CEO of The SOTA TEC Fund, a non-profit business development fund in Minnesota which invested in projects with business development potential at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota. He has also been the CEO of several biotechnology companies and has led the development of a successful animal biologics business targeting diarrheal diseases as V.P. of PROCOR Technologies, Inc, a subsidiary of Land O Lakes Inc., a multi-billion dollar cooperative, where he was also Director of all Corporate R&D. His international experiences included projects in New Zealand, Malaysia (World Bank), Pakistan (USAID) and Africa. Dr. Ruiz holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Louisiana State University and has completed postgraduate studies in marketing, business development, patent law, an abbreviated M.B.A. curriculum, has been a MENSA member and was an honor graduate of the United States 2nd Army Non-commissioned Officers’ Academy.

Andrew Lees
Dr. Andrew Lees

Andrew Lees, Ph.D., is the founder and scientific director of Fina Biosolutions LLC in Rockville, MD. He is an expert in the chemistry of conjugate vaccines with over 20 patents to his name and is an author on over 60 peer-reviewed articles. Conjugation chemistry developed by Dr. Lees is used by GSK, the Serum Institute of India and others in their S. pneumonia and meningococcal conjugate vaccines. Dr. Lees is also an Associate Professor at the Center for Vaccine Development at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Dr. Lees was formerly Director of Vaccines at Biosynexus.

Darrick Carter
Dr. Darrick Carter

Darrick is a biochemist/biophysicist with over 10 years of experience in the biotechnology industry developing therapeutics and vaccines. He has founded five companies, starting with a sole proprietorship biotech/internet startup, Proteinchemist.com, in 2001. Darrick previously worked at Corixa Corporation, where he led a new tuberculosis vaccine into human clinical trials and assisted as group leader for analytical biochemistry working on adjuvants and a commercial, radiolabeled mAb for non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Darrick also served as CSO at a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on drug and device combinations, is a founding member of a company focused on immunotherapy in oncology, and a founding member of a device company working on inflammatory disorders. Darrick currently is CEO of Protein Advances Inc. and sits on the Scientific Advisory Boards of three local biotech companies and hosts a web site for protein chemists. He has authored over 42 peer-reviewed papers and is inventor/co-inventor on more than 160 patent applications and issued patents. He will assist in process development, biophysical and biochemical analysis of the new vaccine candidates.

Raj Prabhu
Raj Prabhu

Raj Prabhu is a CPA and Enrolled Agent. He is a principal with RLP Tax and Accounting. His expertise and experience is in small business tax and accounting. His practice also entails IRS Audit representation, small business consulting, entity selection and startups.

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