Inventprise has an established development laboratory with a certified BSL 2 Area.

The development lab has, for the upstream, a Pall micro fermentation system; Aplikon mini Bioreactor system, Eppendorf BioFlo 415 compact sterilizable in place bench top Fermenter system, micro fluidizer system and a laboratory Lyophilizer.

On the down stream it has several Ultrafiltration systems, Avanti Centrifuge, Akta Pilot system with multiple column chromatography units.

Inventprise also has a separate analytical area with HPLC system with RI detector, ELISA reader, UV VIS spectrophotometer, access to NMR spectroscopy as well as bead based assay systems.

Current Projects

Pneumococcal Vaccine

Inventprise is developing a broader coverage Pneumococcal vaccine than the currently developed vaccine by Serum Institute of India Ltd.

We believe that in order to remain competitive with big pharma vaccines, an improvement is inevitable. However using the experience of our team we wish to do this in a cost neutral fashion. This will ensure that developing countries will always have an improved vaccine, at a price in line with low cost vaccines that are already under regulatory process.

An industrialized country vaccine manufacturer has shown interest in the technology and Inventprise is negotiating the terms for a tech transfer.

The development of the vaccine will be done in a qualified cGMP BSL2 lab which would allow for making batches that could be used for toxicity study and Phase 1 trials.

Pertussis Vaccine

The current whole cell vaccine has no step of endotoxin removal in the making of the vaccine. Inventprise will engage in evolving such a step as well as improve the potency to reduce the number of organisms that are used per human dose. Both these steps will result in an improved as well as a less reactogenic Pertussis vaccine.

Advisory agreements

Inventprise has two advisory agreements in place. One is with Serum Institute of India Ltd and the second is with a non-profit foundation.

Support Pro

Support Pro is a cGMP compliance software that helps maintain a real-time check on batch manufacture data by collecting the data via interfaces provided by the equipment without any human intervention. Vaccine manufacture places a demand on the staff to stick to a validated master formula. Given this requirement, human error accounts for a significant chunk of license suspensions, product disqualifications, etc. With Support Pro we intend to automate much of this process. Support Pro will assist in real-time compliance by monitoring various parameters at different stages in vaccine production. The BMR is updated and validated in real-time, and each stage can only progress when the previous stage's report has been signed off by the relevant supervising authority present. Data once collected cannot be altered and this ensures accuracy in compliance. In addition to compliance there will be multiple safety features to identify malfunctioning equipment and other non cGMP events. The software will be designed to accommodate multiple manufacturing setups. Customers will be given a highly customized product as per their requirements.

We are thankful for the support we have and will have in future.

Our projects are supported by:

  • Serum Institute of India Ltd
  • Major pharma company
  • Non profit foundation
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