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Inventprise - Inventions for global health

Inventprise LLC is a biotechnology startup, and we specialize in utilizing innovative technologies to improve existing vaccines. These candidates have better safety, efficacy, stability and yields. We have an experienced team of vaccine developers and our solutions are aimed towards rapid transition to product approval, and scalable manufacturing for efficient world wide deployment. In addition, we focus on stable low-cost solutions that have real-world applications. We hope that our efforts can contribute to addressing global health needs.

Inventprise - Inventions for process compliance management and CGMP compliance

With our Support Pro series Inventprise is entering into the field of process compliance software. Our goal is to help biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies with their cGMP compliance, and minimize issues caused by human error. The software will integrate with QC to collect analytical values, and with QA data banks to fascilitate product quality review.
The software features a central command module that will collect process data, generated at various stages of manufacturing and analyze and co-relate data with validated procedures via computer algorithms. This will help to control the company’s manufacturing operations and establish the working as required by regulatory bodies. We are currently in the late stages of development of our software prototype.

Next milestones:

• Introduce Support Pro; our cGMP software series. Support Pro maintains an updated Batch Manufacturing Record by directly collecting realtime data generated during the manufacturing process. Data such as equipment used, analyses done, quality of environment, quality of generated water, the steam and gases used, analysis of raw material and intermediates used, etc will be collected. Support Pro will compare the generated data with the master formula. This helps with product quality review and eliminate human errors.

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